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you can feel it.
it's almost like a chill is being sent down your spine.
..and no.
i'm not talking about halloween.
it's that feeling you get when you know somebody's talking about you.
and you know just what they're saying.
and you know that it's true.

sometimes i wish i could just go back to when everthing was simpler.
listening to fall out boy 24/7.
falling in love everyday with that kid's passion.
knowing that everyday would be the same.
back when people used to stare at me because i was so passionate about what i was saying...
not because of how depressed i look...
or how crazy my hair is.
i hope i'll get it back.

i blame it all on him.
he doesn't know it.
but he's going to have it much worse than i ever did.
and i'm going to kick him while he's down.
i do love revenge.
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