abi (heart_____pound) wrote,

how he left...

it really odd how some people only care after your gone.
you spend all your life trying to be the best person you can.
and nobody cares or notices.
until your gone.
suddenly you become important.

this world is messed up to a degree of no comprehension.
we value the dead more than the living.
and even then most people only care or acknowledge it for a few weeks at most.

i'm choosing not to dwell on his death.
but on his life.
he has always been one of my best friends...
and i will never forget him.
no matter how much everybody else does.
he was always scared that nobody would notice or care.
and in a way he was right.
he only got to effect a small amount of people.
and to the rest of the world he's just a name attached to some people who are better because of him.

so here's to you jesse.
and i'll see you someday.
where we'll both be better,
akthough it's hard to even imagine a more perfect you.
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