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i hope you read this...you know who you are.

if only i could type what i want to right now. if only i could say everything that's on my mind. if only i wasn't a christian girl. then i could tell you everything i really think about you. you are going to pay so bad. and you thought i didn't know about everything you've been doing for the past month behind my back. i cannot even put into words what i think about you. even if i could. would it really make a difference? probably not. there's no point any more. the only thing that will make you see what you're really doing to me is to simply just do it back to you. i don't care if you think i don't know. i don't really care what you think about me anymore. and i really just don't care about you. why should i care about somebody like you? because let's face it, if i don't care you'll just go out and find somebody else to sleep with. and if you think i won't return the favor for you someday. you have been mistaken. that day will some sooner than you could possibly imagine.

my back hurts. it must be from that knife you put there.
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