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chain reaction.

initial reaction. i'm a failure at life. second reaction. what a little you know what. third reaction. type it out. blast fall out boy.

i hate to say it. but i knew it. and i didn't even ever say anything about it. i knew you were lying to me. i just never wanted to face the fact that i'm not good enough for you. even though i thought it every single day. but this just proves everything that i ever thought and worried about. you lied to me every night. and i chose to believe you. i knew that what you were saying wasn't true. nobody can be that perfect all the time. even i know that. but i just simply wanted to believe it so bad that i fell into your trap. and i let myself fall. and now i'm paying for it. but now you'll have to pay. because i'm the innocent victim. your the guilty criminal. and you will have to live with this for the rest of your life. i know you don't even care that you will have to. but it will slowly eat away at you when you see me with him...the one person you always said that if i went with it would break your heart. i don't even care if i do anymore. maybe i could always make up a good lie. i might as well. all we ever were was a big lie. despite anything we ever thought was going to happen...we both knew it wouldn't ever. so hey. kudos to you for sleeping around. but if you ever try lying to a girl for this long of a time again...just to let you know. we know. you are a horrible liar. but it realyl doesn't matter. because you now what to say to make us swoon. god i hate you.
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