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yet another update...

what's happened to me. i used to live to make my parents proud. i used to love going to church. i used to care about what my family though about me. i used to think that i would be the easy teenager. nothing would change with me. i'd always be a good girl...that my mom could be proud of. now i listen to music and hang out with people that go against everything my family stands for and i don't even care that they don't accept me. i guess i really am a rebel without a cause. even though i do have a cause. it's for all the kids out there to stand up for what they think. despite what their families and other people say. it's for the freedom to express yourself without having to be afraid of judgment from everybody who think they know what's best for you. it's your life. live how you think is right. learn from your own mistakes. always voice your own opinions and never give up on something you truly believe in. most of all...don't be afraid to stand up against those who try to bring you down to their level. although i still don't know who i am. i want everybody who does know..to stand up for it. decide for yourself. don't let others decide for you.
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