abi (heart_____pound) wrote,


Watching lies come pouring out
...it's odd how somebody that you know so well can forget everything they ever knew about you.

I remember telling her how to lie to avoid the people that she didn't want to talk to..
Now I'm getting the lies told to me
and she's best friends with the person that I helped her avoid.

It's weird how people change.
...it's not even like she's the first person I've seen change for the worse.
She's just going about it in the worst way possible.

Lesson number one in blowing off friends,
Confront them first.
Tell them why you hate them.
Yell at them for crying out loud!
Don't just start ignoring them for absolutely no reason.

What good has she done anybody but herself?
She's taken the free ride from me and Captain for two and a half years.

Good luck with your new found "best friend"
...last time I checked a best friend meant that they are the best.
But who knows.
I have always been the dumb blonde compared to your oh so superior knowledge of absolutely EVERYTHING.

You couldn't even spell half of these words if you had a dictionary in your lap.

I'm sick of your lies.
I'm sick of you thinking that you're better than everything/body.
I'm tired of sticking up for you.
I'm sick of lying to myself and saying that you'll come around and be the old Jennifer that I used to know.

Did I just name drop?

Oh well.

If you didn't know that this was about you, I guess it needed to be said.

I'm so over you.

Good luck finding a friend that has stuck by your side as long as I have.
I take that back.

You don't deserve it.
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