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Sham a Llama Ding Dong.

Times fly like a sparrow that's lost it's wing.
It struggles, yet somehow keeps persisting.

Summer time, Summer time...
It's changed well....
not at all.

I'm doing the same exact things I always have.
Except now I'm around people that aren't my family..
and instead of watching X-Files by myself everyday..
I'm watching it with one of my bestfriends.

I guess sometimes it's just easier not to talk about real problems.
The ones that away at your brain until they drive you mad.

..like that episode of Seinfeld when George got the song stuck in his head.

Realizing how overrated sleep is.
I haven't used it in about 2 days..
I feel the same as when my eyes are closed..

What's real
What's a dream.

I see no difference anymore.

I'm off to make myself sleep.
Gotta love summer in California.
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