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isn't it funny how they seem to care?
and how nobody really does.
they all look at you and talk to you like you're somebody.
when all their doing is looking behind...
at that person they really want.
why can't people just stop denying what they want?
why can't we just forget everything that's holding us back?
to make ourselves feel more like a person.
just to conform to what everybody believes to be "normal" behavior.
we shouldn't take normal as a good thing.
to be normal is to have simply become everything that you never wanted to be.
what some people would give to be normal...
i would give to never know the meaning of that word.

she pretends to notice what you're doing.
really she knows nothing.
she thinks she knows what's for the best.
but all she's doing is keeping her from what she needs most.
she wants the best.
but she's simply doing the opposite.
to drag the other along on strange errands.
just to keep her away from everything that's
"corrupting your mind".
the corruption sounds so sweet when it's true love.
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